"Getting Naked on Stage- How Revealing your Story can make you Richer" 
– a 2 day VIRTUAL workshop to begin writing your own one-person show and discover how to use it to make more money in your business. 
– led by Brenda Adelman (award-winning actor who has performed her solo-show for over 11,000 people(and counting).

Price for Workshop

Get set-up to create your solo-show or speaking presentation as a success  from the START!

Recording of this live workshop available NOW!


  • Audio One: Never WONDER if your story is good enough. I'll teach you how to pick the story that connects with listeners, audiences and the people who can hire you.

  • Learn how to GET UNSTUCK QUICKLY using my special process. PLUS find out how to transform what happened to you into entertainment that people will pay to see.

  • Audio Two: Ready to turn a profit? Learn the right questions to ask to start making money from your work.

  • Learn the biggest mistake I made when I began so you don't lose money or worse-lose dominion over your personal story!

    This is a two-part virtual workshop (delivered into your inbox in MP3s) that are packed with content!